Make your way through the majestic 18th century gates before heading down the scenic driveway, lined with hundred-year-old Zelkova elms…

…and you’ll find yourself in our little corner of paradise.

Set down your suitcase and let the magic of the place take effect…

Our luxury guest house is located in a lovely part of south-west France: halfway between the towns of Auch and Marciac, in the Gers region of Gascony.

Surrounded by a 10-hectare estate with a lush garden and centuries-old trees, the 18th century manor boasts a number of interesting architectural features, including an orangery, meridian sundial and former wine cellar.

Some visitors have even compared it to the lost estate in Alain Fournier’s Le Grand Meaulnes!

Our guest rooms are in the oldest wing of the house, dating back to the 16th century.

Disabled access

Both suites are located on the first floor, making them unsuitable for wheelchair access. For any other form of disability, please contact us ahead of your stay, we would be happy to tailor our services to your needs.

COVID information

In the interests of public health, we have stepped up health and safety precautions in accordance with official guidance.

Our story

Since childhood, Alain has dreamt of finding himself an estate, or rather a “piece of heritage to rescue”, set in at least 10 hectares of land, enough room to breathe…

As for Karine, nature is also essential to her wellbeing. Her wish-list included well-established trees and some land for keeping horses.

Together, from the very start of their relationship, they dreamt of finding a large property to restore, with space for their design workshop, a guest house and an olive grove.

Having spent years working as corporate executives in south-east France, they decided, in 2013, to leave it all behind and move west to Gascony.

The Gers region, their adoptive home, won them both over in an instant.

A warm and authentic welcome from the local people, the generosity of the landscapes and climate, breathtaking views of the Pyrénées mountains and, of course, the property they now call home, Maison Gascony.

Nestled at the heart of around ten hectares of unspoilt countryside, with rare, centennial trees, the property patiently awaited the arrival of a new family and a new lease of life.

Your host family: Carla, Alain, Camille and Karine
Camille and Viking


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